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Poetry Assignment

Note that Blake groups his poems into two parts, but they still form one sequence or network of ideas and images.

Every poem connects with others, but in varying ways. 

Some of these connect as two-part stories, such as Little Boy Lost, Little Boy Found, and Little Girl Lost, Little Girl Found.

Others are paired by similar subject or form, but with many poems separating them, like “The Lamb” and “The Tyger.”

Your task is to create a GROUP of four poems that in your view, are linked by “Blakean” themes and elements (verbal and visual).

Go beyond the obvious (ie not just 4 poems about animals, or children, etc).

One element you examine MUST be visual, and the others verbal. These can be his characteristic use of metaphor and personification, multiple personas,

dialogue, paradox, contradiction, irony, opposites; poetic forms such as nursery songs, laments, visions, prophecy, satiric complaint; use of strong visual imagery,

Romantic stress on freedom, sexuality, liberty; the supernatural and metaphysical, philosophical and political issues, radical questioning of religion, God, church, parents, schools, etc. 

Feel free to quote from the handouts I gave in class.

FORMAT:  List the 4 poems you chose.  Explain why you grouped them by describing specific features (see list above) that make them an interesting group in your view. 

Remember to discuss the pictures; also remember that strong contrasts/conflicts are Blakean!  Length: one paragraph of several sentences, citing the poems. 

Hint – The four poems I choose for this assignment is called “The Shepherd”, The Echoing Green”, “The Lamb”, “The Little Black Boy”. 


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