[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Utilize Current Psychological Literature

This component of the class is designed to help you become familiar with how to access and utilize current psychological literature.  You are required to access university held journals and/or online psychological or related databases to complete the following assignment (see a list of relevant university held journals at the end of your syllabus). Remember your paper should include a minimum of five references. The writing assignment is due on April 4th. 5 pages 

Topic: Memory Changes. Our memory changes throughout our life time.  Choose a period in life (e.g., infancy, adulthood, old age) and investigate memory during that stage.

List of journals: 1. American Journal of Community Psychology2. Asian American Journal of Psychology3. Asian Journal of Social Psychology4. Australian Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology5. British Journal of Clinical Psychology 6. British Journal of Developmental Psychology7. British Journal of Social Psychology8. Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Social Psychology9. Clinical, Child, and Family Psychology Review10. Counseling and Clinical Psychology11. Developmental Psychology12. European Journal of Social Psychology13. Health Psychology14. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology15. Journal of Applied Social Psychology16. Journal of Clinical, Child, and Adolescent Psychology17. Journal of Clinical Psychology18. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology19. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology20. Journal of Counseling Psychology21. Journal of Experimental Psychology22. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology23. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology24. Journal of Social Psychology25. North American Journal of Psychology26. Personality and Social Psychology Review27. Social Psychology28. Social Psychology Quarterly


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