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This week you will be analyzing the case presented in your text:

The case centers around the hardware and software giant IBM and their partnership with two leading CRM companies — Siebel and SugarCRM. Using this forum, you will collaborate with your classmates to research and discuss the changing CRM needs within the IT industry.

Please independently research the topic of Disruptors and Digital Transformation – specifically oriented to IT and enterprises. It is recommended that you use the videos from the Key Disrupters in the Enterprise World as the foundation for your independent research.

Based on your research and understanding of the transformations going on within the IT industry, what are the major issues management needs to address in a world that is ever evolving with disruptors?  The following questions may assist your analysis:

  • How have the CRM needs of IT software companies changed over time?
  • What are the major disruptors in IT today?
  • How do you think they will change in the future?

It will also be important to research how these needs have evolved for specific companies such as IBM and other smaller companies in the marketplace.


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