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consider more specifics that are related to the course and analysis. The discussion guide is good for qualitative.  But what will you expect to hear in the interviews that will lead to a survey that can be quantified? What will the survey look like?  What questions will be asked in what manner will lead to your ability to run statistics?  What are the sampling techniques (cite from the book).  Refer to the book and course often. Research questions: What are the leadership techniques that Nestle Philippines promotes for its employees? 
What does Nestle do to keep its initiatives fresh in order to remain a leading brand? 3. What methods does the organization use to keep its leadership in place so that it can be successful in all of the initiatives it runs

Each of these are questions that are good, but they are informational.  What are the relationships you expect or hypothesize?  What leads to what? Which divisions / demos / other variables will be analyzed against each other with a t-test or anova?


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