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1. Health Issues and Society EssayFor this assignment, you will write a two-page essay discussing a social problem connected to health or health care.Examples of paper topics are as follows: unequal access to health care, universal health care, work-life balance, smoking, substance abuse, obesity, COVID-19, mental health, veteran’s health care, affordability of health care, planned parenthood, and eldercare.Your essay should address the prompts below.

  • Provide some background on the social problem. Discuss how socioeconomic inequality connects to the problem. Discuss how one of the sociological perspectives (conflict, interactionist, or symbolic interactionism) applies to the issue. Apply the concept of sociological imagination to the problem. 
  • Discuss at least one solution to help alleviate the problem. 
  • Discuss how the social problem you discussed impacts you. What steps can you take to help address the social problem discussed in your paper?

APA formatting and in-text citations and references are required. The title page and references page are not counted in the two-page requirement.It is required that students cite their textbook and at least one additional scholarly source from the CSU Online Library. It is recommended that students use additional scholarly sources found online or in the library to support their analysis.

2. Has the concern over global warming been blown out of proportion, or are people not taking this environmental threat seriously enough?


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