[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Student Teach Next Semester

reflect on the course (as a whole) to articulate what you’ve learned as well as your readiness to student teach next semester. You can refer to the various lenses you learned about and reflected on, the teaching of your mini-unit, and/or the class discussions, as well as the classroom experiences you encountered while in the field. Be articulate in describing how/if this course has prepared you to move toward independent teaching. You will need to mostly talk about the 8 lenses that are discussed on page 18 and 19 and then talk about them. My observing teacher did all things correctly and good. She is a great teacher. Then talk about how you feel if you are ready to be a teacher or not. I am ready so please talk about that. 

There is a specific book required and it is Observation Skills for Effective Teaching 7th Edition


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