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You have to conceive a project for an exhibition with work of time-based art.

Your exhibition should include 3 works maximum and can concern any culture, any country, any style, any medium, or time periods. You can use either historical or recent works, or a combination of both. Also think about how these works will be presented in an exhibition together, what do you want your viewer to see first and last.

Your project must include:

  • A short 500 words written statement about your exhibition theme, the relationship between the works selected and the relevance of your exhibition today.
  • Reproductions of the works selected
  • Detailed captions for each works (artist name, title, date, medium, length, duration, and location).

Exhibition project

Appropriateness of the selection of 3 works max.

Quality of your exhibition statement

Efficiency of your detailed captions 

Clear communication

Quality of the visual documentation

Conception of the exhibition display


Title of your exhibition, reproductions of the work, Length (indicate word count)


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