[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Selected Subject Area


Week 7

Team Silver

Professional and Business Services (lawyers, doctors, hairdressers, etc.)


Each team will:

  • Provide research with three to five graduate level discussion questions for their fellow students (members from the other teams) to respond to during the assigned week. 
    • Research and information will be their assigned industry; they will then pose a meaningful question for the other students to respond to.  
    • The goal is for the teams to teach and then question their classmates about the industries (e.g., Team Orange – Week 4 would cover “Financial Activities, Leisure and Hospitality” and provide in the discussion the information on that industry and then ask good applied questions of their teammates). The research must be cited using APA and must be relevant and graduate level, citing at least four reputable sources
  • Questions on applying what they learned from your articles/videos. Questions should be of the nature that the other students can apply to their work or their lives. Good questions involve “work” (thinking, research, citations) on the part of those who answer. Below are examples of questions you may ask (depending on the selected subject area):
  1. List three ways that creativity could be used in manufacturing (cite the textbook at least once). 
  2. Consider the building in which you live, work or used to work or live, find out when it was built and if there have been any lawsuits regarding the property. Cite your findings.
  3. Do a cost benefit analysis of traveling from the west to the east coast in the US to determine which mode of transportation would be the Most Economical? Fastest? Fun? Cite your findings.
  4. List five reasons that a hairdresser would benefit from an MBA? Cite your findings.
  5. Say you own your own home and you were going to switch to solar for electricity; how many years would it take to pay back the initial investment? Cite your findings.
  • One member from the team should email the instructor the discussion board research and questions by Sunday at midnight (all times are Pacific Coast Times) before the assigned week (e.g., Team Blue will email their Research and Discussion Prompts to the instructor for their review on Sunday night of Week 2). Failure for the team to meet the deadline of sending the teams prompts to the instructor by the Sunday night before the assigned week will result in a 50% reduction in points for this assignment for all team members. Remember each team member is to upload into the team work product for Assignment 1 (the discussion board research and questions) to their individual Team Assignment 1 dropbox which is in Week 5 (regardless of the week you are presenting).
  • The instructor will review, and may send back for clarification and additional information on Monday (if necessary). The Instructor will need to post the discussion to the week’s forum by Tuesday at noon (PST).
  • Each team will “lead” the discussion during the assigned week and each student will be responded to at least twice (three or more would be better) during the week by the team members. 
  • If one team member does all of the work there will be a 50% reduction in points for all team members (including the one who does all of the work). (This class is about collaboration and leadership. Leading the discussion board is an opportunity to practice graduate leadership skills.)

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