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Unit VIII Homework (SEE FILE)


This assignment has two parts. Both parts will be completed in the same attached  Unit VIII Homework Template .Part 1: Choose one of the three topics below. Write an argument with a clear conclusion (thesis) that you have created about this topic. Your conclusion must be a straightforward one-sentence assertion. Note that your thesis or conclusion can be something narrow within each topic. For example, “I should stop smoking” is a thesis or conclusion that falls under the topic of being healthy. Incorporate the following guidelines as you write:

  • Briefly introduce the issue or topic. 
  • Identify at least two premises for your conclusion.
  • Write at least one page for your argument and written response. 
  • Your written response should include inductive aspects of your argument as well as deductive aspects. 
  • List at least one fallacy that you may have committed but have avoided.   
  • Write at least one unstated assumption that is logically part of your argument.  
  • If your argument turns out to have a sub-argument (see Unit VIII Lesson), make sure you fill out a template for each argument. Follow the writing guidelines on pages 273 through 275 of Chapter 12 of our textbook.

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