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1.      What are the greatest challenges you encounter in providing services for children with disabilities?

2.      In your opinion, what challenges do students with disabilities encounter in inclusive classroom settings?

3.      What is the extent of your professional preparation in serving children with disabilities?

(Examples: A special education degree, Coursework in educating children with disabilities in a regular education classroom, administrative coursework in special             education, Advocacy training, Other)

4.      What, if any, additional professional preparation do you need to effectively serve children with disabilities?

(Examples: Formal coursework in education of children with disabilities, Staff development activities that are related to educating children with disabilities, Training in advocacy for children with disabilities, Course work in the administration and legal aspects of special education, Other)

5.      What is your most difficult task in serving the educational needs of children with disabilities?

6.      In your opinion, does the school district with whom you are affiliated provide appropriate and adequate services for children with disabilities?  What guides your response?

7.      What “scares” you most about special education?  Why does it cause you concern?

(Examples:  Compliance issues, Instructional Issues, Costs, Parenting issues, Other)

8.      Who supervises the special education program for the district with whom you are affiliated and what is your professional relationship to that individual?

(Example of Personnel:  Special Education Director, Elementary Principal, Secondary  Principal, Counselor, Special Education Teacher, Other)

9.      Who conducts the evaluations of special education teachers in your district?  Is the same evaluation instrument utilized for special education teachers and regular education teachers?

10.  If you could make any changes in special education programs, what would they be?


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