[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Revolutionized Mobile Computing


First, pick one of these disruptive innovations:

  • Ford Model-T (disrupted the automobile market)
  • Macintosh (created the PC revolution)
  • eBay (created online auctions)
  • Amazon (disrupted the retail market)
  • Microsoft Windows (disrupted the computing market)
  • Google search (disrupted the Internet)
  • Wikipedia (disrupted the Encyclopedia/reference sources market)
  • iPod and iTunes (disrupted music market)
  • iPhone and App store (revolutionized mobile computing)

Then, in a 3-5 page paper, describe how these innovations were disruptive. Here are the required sections of the paper:

  1. Brief History of the Market (*the market in which the innovation falls under)
  2. Disruptive Innovation: _____________ (your chosen innovation)
  3. The New Market (*what the market looks like now as a result of the disruptive innovation)

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