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  1. Tour a neighborhood and view Streng or other MCM houses. Take photographs of three (3) different homes. Identify with label and descriptions. Point out MCM features and details. Include 3-4 paragraphs on the builder(s). American River Drive, ArdenOaks, Land Park, River Park, Fab 40’s, Elk Grove, Davis – do a google search for possibilities near you.
  2. Visit an area MCM furnishings store and take photographs of three different MCM furniture pieces. There are several MCM resale stores as well as retail stores selling new furnishings in the MCM. West Elm, Scandinavian Designs, Urban 57 are possibilities. Also include three (3) photographs of MCM lighting fixtures. Identify with label and descriptions. If the pieces are ‘knock-offs’ identify which piece/designer it copied. A knock-off is a lesser quality and usually a tad different reproduction of a designer piece.

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