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As a teacher of students with autism, it is important to develop positive relationships with family members and keep the lines of communication open. To ensure the curriculum is beneficial for students with autism, everyone must work together to help the child reach his or her goals. As you watch the video for Chapter 4: “Autism Spectrum Disorder in Pre-K: The Importance of a Collaborative Multidisciplinary Team” in this module/week’s Reading & Study folder, observe the members of Gavin’s multidisciplinary team.

Based upon the video, identify the members of the multidisciplinary team and describe each of their roles. How well do you think they communicate with one another? What recommendations could enhance team collaboration? Identify multidisciplinary teams you will be a part of as a special education teacher. What will your role be and how will you personally enhance team collaboration? How will your address team disagreements or conflict to assist in a positive resolution that benefits the student?


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