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This week’s research design written application will  focus on the ethical considerations involved in our proposed study.   Your ethical review of your proposal should be 1-2 pages written.   Please use the topic and your proposed research design to discuss the  following:

  1. Participants – What population would you use in your proposed research design? How would participants be recruited?  (*Please  note, for certain research questions and methodologies in lieu of  participants, data sets would be used.  Please address the same question  with the consideration of your inclusion/exclusion criteria and  permission to use available data sets to propose new research).   
  2. Procedures – What would your participants do during your study?  Would they be subjected to any potential harm (physical or  psychological) in participating?
  3. How would you obtain informed consent from your participants? Would  deception be used to conduct your study?  If so, what information is  needed to obtain informed consent? 
  4. Will participants receive an incentive for their participation? If so, how might that affect voluntary, informed consent?
  5. How would you secure data and participant confidentiality?
  6. How would you gain approval to conduct your study? What information  might an Institutional Review Board (IRB) look for to give you clearance  to conduct your study?

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