[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Prepare Product Positioning Mapprepare


  • Describe marketing mix component variables (4Ps)
  • Prepare product positioning map
  • Prepare balance sheet in 2020 or 2019
  • Prepare an income statement in 2020 or 2019
  • Evaluate the worth of the company based on one approach
  • Evaluate the company based on its MIS
  • Evaluated the strategies of the company based on the four main criteria
  • Perform a strategy-evaluation Assessment matrix
  • Describe some corrective actions related to the strategies
  • Performed the balanced scorecard
  • Is there any contingency planning and crisis management for the company?
  • Any social responsibility programs in the company?
  • Evaluate environmental sustainability and liabilities of the company
  • Is the company environmentally proactive or reactive? Why?

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