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You’ve taken a listing and need to prepare the home to go on the market.  Provide responses to the following so the seller knows what to expect:

1. Prepare a timeline and marketing plan with dates from the listing of a single-family home.  Use the following assumptions:

a.  Contracted List date is 3/7/2022

b.  Decluttering needs to be done

c.  Painting needs to be done

d.  Housekeeper needs to come in and do a thorough cleaning

e.  Photography and videography needs to be done

f.  Sign goes up

g.  MLS Active on 3/21/22 (listing goes live)

2.  Outline your marketing plan – how, when, where will you promote the property.  

3. Visit a popular home search website and locate a property you want to write about.  Provide the full address and link to the page (Or you may save the page as a pdf and upload for the assignment).

4.  Using that property, prepare 1 classified ad with a feature heading that you think would be the most appealing.  Use the AIDA approach.The word count for the property should be limited to a maximum of 90 words (this is common for classified ads).

5.  Pretend you are describing this property to a potential buyer over the phone.  Write out the features you would point out and provide a benefit for that feature, or any other feature.



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