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Project Overview: 

As a manager of health system organizations, you will have to consistently think about how to plan, organize, staff, lead, control, make decisions, and problem solve aspects of management within healthcare systems. To accomplish this, you will utilize your experience from your own organization or research a well-known healthcare organization within the industry to create an outline of how you will accomplish the above listed task. Additionally, you will add components of Leadership concepts and planning processes that you use within your organization or is used within the well-known healthcare organization. You will also have to share Organizational structures and motivational and influence theories and models. You will discuss strategic plans, concepts, and the budget in the organization. During week 7 you will discuss the process of quality improvement within the organization. During week 8 you will submit your final project, which will include the health professional as a manager in the organization. In the 21st century, health professionals in management are required to plan, organize, staff, lead, control, make decisions, and solve problems within healthcare systems.  

Healthcare Management Project – Week 1 Component – Project Outline

The following assignment description will discuss the Components of Leadership Requirement

Begin developing your Project Outline. Please see the requirements listed in the Assignment Overview Document. You may select the healthcare organization where you are currently employed or research a well-known healthcare organization within the industry to complete all the components of your assignment. Your outline must consist of the following main headings:

  • Components of Leadership, concepts and planning processes, Organizational structures of staff, motivational and influence theories and models, strategic plans and all the components utilized, organizational budget planning, quality improvement, and the health professional as a manager.
  • Sub-headings must be clear as well as supporting detail information.
  • Correct APA format is required for this assignment .  Please include an APA formatted title page, APA formatted headings, and an APA formatted reference page. Please review APA format 7th edition in the GMC library for assistance. 
  • Please see the rubric for this assignment for a breakdown of how your grade will be calculated.

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