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Discuss the scope of your project, The scope of my project in Toxic leadership and employees. specifically focusing on what your project is and is not. I would like for human resources to find a way to correct the behavior of the people who are in leadership positions, managers and supervisors. What external limitations govern your study?  What limitations (delimitations) have you, yourself, placed on your study and why?

 Delimitations are limitations that you put on the study yourself, such as choosing to only focus on a specific demographic, geographic location, or industry.  Other common delimitations include the amount of time you allotted for data collection or data analysis, the type of survey or data collection you chose to use, etc.


 Future researchers using the data in this study should consider the context to gain better insights into the impact of creating positive work for employees.

 The study did not investigate all predictors of employee productivity, and thus future researchers should test all other variables  left out. Please make maybe two recommendations for future research if you can.


The study will include data from; peer-reviewed articles, journals, books, government publications, and reputable organizations that analyze the research questions.  In addition, it will also include data from interviewing different employees. The results from this study can be generalized in any modern and competitive organization. Maybe add one or two lines here please.


Please add something about toxic leadership and employees in the paragraph below, maybe two or three sentences please.

In today’s world, the efficiency of the human resource department is one of the criteria used to determine an organization’s competitiveness. Thus, companies should ensure that they acquire the right employees and equip with the necessary resources to perform their duties. This includes providing them with a safe and positive environment for them to undertake their duties efficiently.


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