[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Phonemic Awareness Progress Monitoring

ou were just hired in a school that uses the DIBELS assessment for phonemic awareness progress monitoring.  Your principal asked you go to this link (Links to an external site.) and read how to administer and score a DIBELS test.  Usually you would have attended a professional development on this process but you were hired after the professional development happened.  He asks you to give this test to Sara, a first grader that they have identified as being below grade level in reading.  He tells you to print the scoring booklet from this website (Links to an external site.) and administer the test. 

Read through both of those documents and think about how you would administer this test.

Do you think this is an accurate way to determine literacy capabilities for a first grader? Why or why not?

What advantages can you see to using tools such as this? What disadvantages?


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