[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Particular “ Right ”

 Watch the video in the AD648 video library titled “The Big Picture: Target Data Breach.”

 II. In < 700 words, write a response that addresses the following questions/issues: 

● How did hackers compromise Target’s network? How did news of the breach reach Target? How did this news reach the public? 

● How could Target have been more proactive in its response to the breach?

 ● As a consumer, how do you feel personally about the Target breach? (If you were impacted by it when it occurred, you can write about your personal experience; if not, you can put yourself in the shoes of someone who was affected, and write from that perspective).

 Does learning about an incident such impact any of your future behavior? Why or why not? You may consult outside sources to help inform your understanding of the general themes/ideas, but you do not need to.

 No citations are needed, either. Most of your time and energy should be devoted to the third section. The facilitators and I are looking to see case write-ups that demonstrate effort and originality — not some particular “right” answer to the questions. Remember the word limit — it is included here for a reason 


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