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In regards to police actions, what is Noble Cause?  Then, once you have fully defined it, review the actual case scenario stated below, and respond to the actions taken by the police detectives; were they ethical, unlawful or justified?

Scenario:  A seven year old girl has been abducted/kidnapped while walking home from the school bus stop.  The police gather information that leads them to a sex offender in the neighborhood.  They bring this person in for question when it is learned that he sold the girl to a doctor who has been trafficking kids.  After a couple of days investigating, the police determine who this doctor is and bring him in for questioning – he lawyers up and refuses to provide any information about the missing girl.  The detectives realize their time is limited as the child could either be alive; dead or moved on.  All legal efforts to get this doctor to reveal the location of the girl are fruitless.  Finally, one detective uses physical force on the doctor who eventually relents and tells him where the girl is located but that she was still alive when he last saw her.  They go to the apartment and find the girl alive.  Now, does this “noble cause” action (beating someone up to find the girl) justify the end result, knowing full well that you have saved the little girl but the doctor may not be prosecuted?   

Proceed to the Assignment tab. Please ensure that your written response/essay containing 350-450 words with at least three (3) outside references 


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