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Pick an enterprise of your choice. You may use an actual enterprise, or a fictional enterprise you defined for your case studies in previous courses. Research the company and develop a 300-word report in a Microsoft Word document that:

  • Describes the IT impact and strategic alignment of the chosen company.
  • Provides an assessment of the future needs of the company for new IT capabilities.
  • Outlines the suggested new capabilities as they relate to the organizational structure and the company’s mission.
  • Contains SWOT analysis for the company you choose for your final project. Research SWOT on the Internet to learn how to perform and format the analysis. Include a SWOT chart (table) and a written description of each element listed in the chart. You may use what you have learned in this week’s lectures and readings to assist you in determining the questions that should be answered to develop an accurate SWOT analysis. Explain how you can use the SWOT analysis to assist you in developing a corporate strategy for the company.

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