[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] May Still Perceive Stimuli

1. Looking into Piaget’s Constructivist Theory, humans are creating their knowledge through interactions between experiences and ideas. So with that being said, are people able to build their own representations of new information within their already existing knowledge? 

2.  I understand that there is a difference between Habituation and dishabituation. Is the difference between the two that in habituation you may still perceive stimuli but do not need to respond because it is not important? 

3. Cross-modal perception is when you can recognize an object in one sensory that you have already perceived in another sensory because the two senses have interacted before. Would an example of this be if an infant is shown a rattle and then hears it in another area with the lights off, the infant will reach for the rattle because it recognizes what it is? 


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