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The assessment of English Language Learners is crucial. However, it raises a number of issues surrounding the validity and reliability of the assessment tool being used.

According to the NAEYC, “All young children have the right to be assessed in ways that support their learning and development. For children whose home language is not English, this means being assessed in culturally and linguistically responsive ways.”

Keeping this in mind, a number of obstacles can cause these assessment practices and policies to be ineffective. The NAEYC has set forth five (5) recommendations and indicators that help guide the assessment process of ELL students. As advocates for our English language learners, it is our responsibility to ensure that the assessments we are using are both valid and reliable.

To prepare for this assignment, download and read the NAEYC Position Statement on Screening and Assessment of Young English-Language Learners BELOW

 For this assignment, download and complete the template below. 


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