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Locate at least three customer case studies on Big Data analytics. At least two of your resources should come from the CSU Online Library, and at least one resource should come from a vendor (business). You will write a four-to-six page research paper, summarizing each case study by including the following:

  • Address the commonalities and differences between the case studies in reference to Big Data analytics.
  • Address some advantages of Big Data analytics.
  • Identify the names, size of the businesses, and the mission statements of the businesses discussed in the case studies.
  • Identify business problems addressed by Big Data analytics.
  • Identify challenges that should be considered before implementing Big Data analytics.
  • Identify the type of tools that could aid these businesses to hone in on challenges.

This research paper will be written in APA format. The title and reference page are not included in the page count. Please include an abstract.


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