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In terms of structure, please follow the proposed structure: 

Page 1 – title page APA format

Page 2 – Abstract & Keywords

Page 3 – Table of Content –  APA format

Page 4 – List of Tables/Figures 

Page 5 – 6 – Chapter 1 –  Introduction and Background of the topic

Page 7 – 10 – Chapter 2 – Literature Review – include at last 5 academic sources (journal articles); search strategies (where did you look for information, key words used)

Page 11 – 13 – Chapter 3 – the Novelty of your project – I want you to be creative and bring an added value – something that you will create and will be helpful for the cybersecurity community (examples: a good practice check-list; a framework, an implementation design, a policy/procedure template, a training example; etc. BE CREATIVE!)

Page 14 – 15 Conclusions, Limitations, and Future Work 

Page 16 … – References APA Format


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