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For this discussion activity, follow the following steps in the Discussion area in this learning module.

  • Step one: In a few sentences, describe what you think the purpose of a Core Curriculum should be.
  • Step two: Describe what you think of the proposed redesign to the General Education of the University System of Georgia.
  • Step three: Describe a course or area you would eliminate from the Core Curriculum. How would eliminating this area improve the education of students?
  • Step four: Describe a course or area that you would add to the Core Curriculum. Why would you add this? How would this new course or area increase the value of a Georgia Southern education? Feel free to be creative. There are no wrong answers.
  • Step five: Common on another student’s post by suggesting an additional reason why the proposed addition to the Core Curriculum would improve a Georgia Southern education.

Discussion Expectations and Grading Criteria

The assignment will be evaluated using two major criteria: relevance and thoughtfulness.

Relevance: Full credit will be earned by discussion participation that:

  • Follows the directions in the discussion prompt
  • Includes specific examples to illustrate key points
  • Includes sufficient information to contribute to an ongoing discussion

Thoughtfulness: Full credit will be earned by discussion participation that:

  • Provides clear evidence of creative thinking about the conceptual problem raised by the discussion
  • Provides evidence of the willingness to think critically and creatively about the Core Curriculum

Discussion Submission Instructions

  1. From the Communication dropdown menu, choose Discussions.
  2. Select the discussion for this module.
  3. Complete the four steps listed above.

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