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Leading Through a Digital Lens

  1. How have you helped others see the value in change? Can you be more successful, and if so, what steps will you take?
  2. How has your school or district put vision into action? Explain the steps taken and the evidence of how these actions have improved school culture.
  3. When reviewing the ten crucial elements to successfully move from vision to actionable change presented in this chapter, where do you see opportunities for growth?
  4. How does the culture of your school or district align with elements identified in the ISTE standards and Future Ready Framework? Where is improvement needed?


For each question, integrate each of the following in your answers:

  1. Theory and facts from the textbook including the philosophy/utopian view of how the concept should be used or incorporated into education into a highly effective school
  2. A personal connection with the concept and justify your rationale
  3. As a leader, how will you maximize this within your school? Give specific examples.
  4. How should this concept look from a leadership standpoint i.e. what would you do as a leader to maximize this concept at your school?  
  5. How would you assess the effectiveness of your initiative or vision with the key stakeholders (students, staff, and parents)?

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