[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Gemma Reports Feeling Stressed


What assessments would you use to get more information?

Identify the stage of change for your client related to the readiness for change.

Discuss processes of change that can help your client gain and maintain health behaviors.

What are the social resources they can enlist to help them on their journey?

 Jeane is a 69-year-old who has recently retired from her bus driving job in Chalmette. She has slowly seen the signs of her aging in the slowing of her steps, the tiredness of her daily routine and her grandchildren asking her to hurry up.  She runs 2 times a week for about 2 miles and she eats reasonably healthy, 3 meals, mostly high in fruits and vegetables, and fiber. She is worried about finding meaning in her life since her retirement. She hires you to help her with the transition.

Sam is a rental property manager and is in his early 30’s. Recently he has been having trouble keeping organized and his communication with his wife and children seem strained.  To relax he plays video games.  Sometimes he plays with the children when they all play videos but mostly he plays alone. His wife requests that they see a therapist.  He agrees and was shocked when the therapist confronted him about his lack of recreational time with the family, his inattentiveness to wife, and the role of a father/husband. He agrees to help out more around the house and wants to meet with you about getting back on track to help organize his life, get more health, and start taking better care of himself. 

Gemma is a 26-year-old recent hire for an accounting firm. She has a small social circle who eat out for lunch, plan trips, and go to concerts. She is working hard to be liked by her peers, but often leads by pointing out her own faults or oddities. While being hyper critical of herself, her follower workers begin distancing themselves from her as they seem to fear this criticality could move toward them.  Gemma reports feeling stressed often to meet deadlines, being liked in the office, worrying about her lack of a dating life. She lives in New Orleans and needs to find places to meet people like her. She comes to you so she can feel better. 


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