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  Assignment directions:

Part 1: Write the Lesson Plan

  1. in your assigned groups (in your same subject area or you can plan an interdisciplinary lesson), develop a detailed lesson plan on a Health-related topic for Elementary students. Identify a lesson that you will be able to plan and teach during.
  2. Write your plan incorporating all parts contained in the template (Stage 1, 2, and 3 of the template provided). Be sure to include a detailed outline of the learning activities in Stage 3 (learning plan).
    [Download the Word document attached and use this to type up your plan.
  3. Include a variety of resources that you used in preparing the lesson (e.g., similar lesson plans that you found on the Internet, information from cooperating teacher, textbook, etc.). Attach these to your lesson plan.
  4. Along with the lesson plan, you should also attach all handouts you would provide students (this includes directions, worksheets, overheads, etc.). Each group should attach one handout.
  5. For Stage Two we do not expect full development of an assessment. However, you should include a brief description of the performance task and other evidence (formative and summative assessment) that your cooperating teacher plans to use. For example, if you are teaching one day of a unit, be sure to put what assessment your cooperating teacher plans to use for the unit under “Performance Task.” Under “Other Evidence” you need to put the kind of assessment you plan to use for your lesson (e.g., at end of hour have students write down 1-2 things they learned, etc.).
  6. Outline the learning plan (teaching & learning activities). This plan should be aligned clearly with the desired results (i.e., geared towards having students meet the objectives, answer the essential questions, and be able to complete the assessment activities). The plan should include all of the following components:
    1. List of instructional materials & resources
    2. Timeline: next to each step, indicate approximate length of time you expect each step to take.
    3. Introductory activities: hook/capture student interest, set the stage, relate to previous learning (review), how this fits into what is to follow (preview), tell students what they will learn and be expected to do as a result of the lesson.
    4. Developmental activities: outline the content and outline the instructional strategies & learning activities. Include details what you will do, how you will organize/prepare students for tasks, and what students will do. If you plan to involve students in discussion, list key/stem questions that you might ask to generate discussion.
    5. Closing activities: list activities that you & students will do to summarize the lesson, reinforce what was covered, and tie everything together so students see how the lesson fits into the context of the rest of the course (what they have already done and what is coming next).

Lesson plan Template

Lesson Plan_Template_blank-1.doc



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