[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] G Alcohol Abuse

For this assignment you will choose one aspect of addiction (e.g., alcohol abuse, exercise, legality of
marijuana, porn, gambling, etc…) and explore it in detail. You could also write about a mental health
issue, such as PTSD or bipolar as it relates to addictions; yet, the focus of the paper has to be on
ADDICTIONS. Thus, if you only focus your paper on PTSD, for example, I would not accept it. In other
words, if you choose to go that route and focus on a mental health issue, it needs to be focused on how it
relates to or contributes to an addiction. This paper will be 3-4 pages plus references and include
prevalence and demographics, history of social and political impact, role of research and theory,
education and prevention, stakeholders, and resources.
Your topic must be different than your topic for your PowerPoint IF you chose that option for the
video/PPT assignment. In other words, you cannot take the same information that is in your PowerPoint
and put it in this paper or vice versa


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