[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Four Different Implementation Methodologies

 Link for Chapter 10 Content: https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/chapter/chapter-10-information-systems-development/
Chapter 10 questions, please answer these in a sentence or two in a separate lines for each answers:

  1. What are the steps in the SDLC methodology?
  2. What is RAD software development?
  3. What makes the lean methodology unique?
  4. What are three differences between second-generation and third-generation languages?
  5. Why would an organization consider building its own software application if it is cheaper to buy one?
  6. What is responsive design?
  7. What is the relationship between HTML and CSS in website design?
  8. What is the difference between the pilot implementation methodology and the parallel implementation methodology?
  9. What is change management?
  10. What are the four different implementation methodologies?

Please answer the following question in a paragraph ( 100 -150 words)

  1. Which software-development methodology would be best if an organization needed to develop a software tool for a small group of users in the marketing department? Why? Which implementation methodology should they use? Why?

Use the references Style: APA-7 


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