[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Followed Bya Detailed Explanation

·  Summarize the situation that makes these recommendations necessary, and explain to the audience how this report shouldbe used.

·  Describe the PROBLEM in detail (overview first, followed by a detailed explanation/analysis of key features of theproblem).

·  Spell out the recommended SOLUTION using the same approach as you did for the problem (overview first, followed bya detailed explanation and justification of key features of the solution).

·  Identify, explain and justify the steps involved in implementing the recommendation(s). Explain the benefits of following your recommendations. Depending upon the complexity of the problem and solution, you could include a detailed action plan, explaining what has to be done and when, and how long the process should take, including tasks, personnel, facilities, budget, schedule, technologies, evaluations, etc. This would be an ideal location to include graphics and visuals.  

·  Draw a conclusion for your audience.

·  Summarize your recommendations as a list of feasible, realistic actions. 


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