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I need a research paper project The title of my research is “Domestic Violence Against Women”

It has to be in APA format to include a cover page and reference page. In about three paragraphs no more than 750 words.

Topic-State your topic selection “Domestic Violence Against Women”

Define your topic (what does it mean?)

Describe how your topic id relates to your discipline (is your topic known in your field (human service)

Problem Statement -Explain what the problem is with your topic. Specifically, highlight what it is that you would like to find out more of?

Research Method and Research Question- State what type of research (Qualitative or Quantitive) you will be studying. Define this method, and then please list the main research questions of your project that your study will seek to answer.

An example is attached:

Running head: ACQUISITION AND ADHERENCE OF MEDICATIONS                          Page 1

Prescription medications:

How patients acquire and adhere to medications they can’t afford?

Student Name

St. Joseph’s College

ACQUISITION AND ADHERENCE OF MEDICATIONS                                                 Page 2


Prescription medication costs are on the rise, leaving patients to struggle on how to acquire and adhere to life-saving medications.  The United States government fails to regulate the prescription medication market, leaving patients risking their lives to access these drugs.  Patients with insurance or without insurance struggle to access affordable medications, which causes patients to ration or skip doses of medications.  Patients can access free online prescription savings programs, but only if patients are aware and how to access these programs.  Even though these online prescription savings programs exist, there are many that are still not affordable.  Some patients have opted to travel outside the United States to access medication, such as with insulin; a life saving medication required for type one diabetics who require insulin to survive.  Epi-pen a drug that is required for life-saving anaphylactic allergic reactions, the company made headlines more than once about the astronomical inflation of this drug, due to only kind on the market.  Health care management will face challenges like this daily in helping patients who struggle to afford medications and adhere to physician instructions.  Health care workers will need to help patients access medications by either getting these medications by representatives of these drug companies, researching savings programs and or assistance programs through the drug companies itself.  Even after all those resources are accessed that still will not guarantee these patients can access many medications.

Problem Statement

Prescription medication costs and acquisition and adherence of life-saving medications has always been an issue; however, costs have been rising even higher causing patients to ration

ACQUISITION AND ADHERENCE OF MEDICATIONS                                                 Page 3

medication doses.  For many years, patients have debated about insurance costs and accessibility, leaving out the factor of prescription medication costs. Every year insurance companies exclude

more medications from the formulary lists and add those medications to the exclusion list, leaving patients stranded.  If we continue to believe there is not an issue with medication accessibility and affordability, we’ll never understand the larger question of why patients are not adhering to physician orders. According to a study published in Health Policy, there is a direct correlation between medication adherence and outcomes in management of patients with diabetes and heart failure, (GeorgeGourzoulidisa & Oecd, 2017).  The following study will address the barriers to adherence in patients’ health stemming from prescription medication costs.  This study will contain surveys to examine the barriers that patients face due to medication costs and will incorporate the following research questions:

Should the government have to regulate the pharmaceutical companies?

Should patients have to choose between food, shelter or medications?

What can patients do to access life saving medications they cannot afford?

Research Method

This study will focus on fixed research by quantitative design by survey.  According to Robson; “Survey involves collecting data from groups of participants on a range of variables typically using questionnaires”, (Robson, 2014, p. 30). This study will research how patients adhere and access medications they can’t afford.   In this study it will incorporate data from fifty

ACQUISITION AND ADHERENCE OF MEDICATIONS                                                 Page 4

participants that will be obtained through quantitative design by survey. Collective data will be analyzed and shared.  This study will use explanation design in which questions will be derived from data by survey.   Quantitative research is based on collective data that can be quantified by numbers or can be converted into numbers, (Robson, 2014, p. 109).   Quantitative designs can access a larger population by survey method and is used to verify if a hypothesis is correct.  Quantitative designs can also change and manipulate data based on what is being studied. The hypothesis that will be proven during this study is; patients that can not afford medications as prescribed will ration the medication, skip doses or skip the medication entirely. 

ACQUISITION AND ADHERENCE OF MEDICATIONS                                                 Page 5


GeorgeGourzoulidisa, & Oecd. (2017, February 28). Association between copayment                        medication adherence and outcomes in the management of patients with diabetes and

            heart failure. Retrieved from        


Robson, C. (2014). How to do a research project: a guide for undergraduate students. Chichester:       

            John Wiley & Sons.


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