[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Enable “ Intelligent Supply

Please make sure that you are not copying or paraphrasing from any website/coursehero/chegg. Our professor knows everything. She don’t even like paraphrasing. So, do it on your own.

In your teams, go to Make Beliefs Comix for free online comic creation software.

Here is the link


Create and share your own comics story, with a maximum of three panels that portrays one of the issues below, and 

Comment on your comic in 1 full page. It should be about your comic. (e.g., what you liked/disliked about it – why?):

a)    Challenges of big data in one of the levers of the supply chain,

b)    Problems of using technologies/Internet of Things that enable “intelligent supply chains”, or

c)     Measuring the benefits of supply chain analytics.


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