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Discussion boards provide students an opportunity to share their unique perspective, make recommendations, provide an opinion, or answer a question about an issue. Each response should be professional and must be written well (follow rules of grammar and mechanics), clearly, and concisely. In general, students should support each of their claims using empirical evidence, logic and reason, or both. After posting a response, respond to another student’s post. When responding to others it is best to add support to their claims or add evidence or logic that goes against their claims. Please remain professional, constructive, and open-minded when responding to those whose perspectives differ.

In this discussion board please first read Giner-Sorolla’s paper    https://1drv.ms/b/s!Aua1umZ3uq_iiUzMbTG2BTz536-l      describing one way to improve psychological science. Then, discuss here 1) your general impressions of the article, and 2) your perspective on ways to reward broader information sharing. Are these practical suggestions? Can you think of other ways to share information about “ugly” data?


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