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Course Project | Week 5 – Deliverable #2

In Week 5, you are to further mature your technology solution proposal reviewed in your first deliverable during week 3.

Please ensure you have integrated previous instructor comments as appropriate as well. The following deliverables are due as part of the Week 5 submittal, and you have latitude to use a format that conveys professionalism and comprehensiveness. There are no page requirements for this assignment, but student work should include the items discussed below.

Note: To earn an “Excellent” as defined in the rubric  – Please complete independent research and expand the topic to clearly demonstrate Mastery of the Subject – Through the Lens of Management.

  • Executive Summary
  • Scope Management (Ch. 3)
    • Discuss the Project Scope
    • High Level Functional Decomposition of Solution
  • Project Schedule with Milestones (Ch. 3)
    • Utilize Excel or MS Project to Build a Gantt Schedule
    • Include Critical Path Calculation
    • Create a Work Breakdown Structure that Mirrors Project Schedule Tasks
  • Outsourcing (Ch. 4)
    • Identify any WBS tasks to be outsourced and identify potential vendors
      • Include a discussion on an appropriate SLA
    • Identify any WBS tasks to be on premises versus cloud based and identify potential hosting vendors
      • Include a discussion on an appropriate SLA
      • Discuss whether this will be private, hybrid, or public cloud hosted and why
    • Governance (Ch. 5)
      • Identify any WBS tasks that have Business Continuity Requirements
        • Include a discussion on an appropriate SLA
        • Discuss whether this will be hot, hybrid, or cold site and why
  • Appendix
    • Add SWOT Analysis from Week 3

You should utilize a Table of Contents, headings, citations, etc. as appropriate. You are purposefully being given some latitude here to solve this problem just as you would in a real world setting.

View RubricProject #2Project #2CriteriaRatingsPtsExecutive Summaryview longer description15 ptsExcellent9 ptsGood6 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 15 ptsScope Managementview longer description10 ptsExcellent6 ptsGood4 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsProject Schedule with Milestonesview longer description30 ptsExcellent18 ptsGood12 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 30 ptsOutsourcingview longer description20 ptsExcellent12 ptsGood8 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 20 ptsGovernanceview longer description20 ptsExcellent12 ptsGood8 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 20 ptsAppendixview longer description5 ptsExcellent3 ptsGood2 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 5 ptsTotal Points: 0

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