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One of the most important parts of any research article is its methodology. The methodology section details how the research carried out each step of the study, from acquiring participants, gaining permission, informed consent, collecting data, and analyzing data. The section is one of the most important because this is where a researcher may make mistakes. Not in their writing, but in their research processes. Other researchers will read a methodology to determine how valid and reliable the study actually is. Attention to detail is extremely important when writing a methodology as not even one step or detail can be left out. Any missing information raises questions, and when questions are raised, credibility, validity, and reliability suffer.

In this unit, you will start your Methodology Part 1 of a three-part process. It is divided into three sections due to the level of detail required. Imagine having a food recipe for a complex meal you are preparing. If details are left out, how likely are you to be able to reproduce the dish correctly? That is the mindset you need when approaching your methodology, however, unlike a recipe, you will not be writing a list of instructions or steps, you will be writing a fluid section in proper paragraph form. 


Both general methodologies (qualitative and quantitative) are regarded and are practiced by many excellent researchers. Your choice of methodology will depend on a variety of factors—What you aim to accomplish, your ability to write and/or ‘crunch numbers,’ the type of topic you are pursuing, your research question(s), etc.  Getting the methodology right will go a long way in helping you to craft an excellent applied research project.

  • From your early understanding of methodology in two to three paragraphs, discuss what data collection techniques you are leaning towards and explain why. Provide a brief introduction to your research topic and your research questions before discussing your data collection techniques. (remember your research topic is

Correlation between Extracurricular Activities and Academic Performance).

 Support your answer with the readings from this Unit as well as applied knowledge from your own experience.

Reading Assignment

1. Choosing & Using Sources: A guide to academic research. (2020). Teaching & Learning, University Libraries. https://ohiostate.pressbooks.pub/choosingsources/ 

2. Evidence guide for school excellence: Qualitative data. (n.d.). NSW Government.  


3. Lencioni, P. (2007). Conquer team dysfunction. https://www.workforcemetrics.com/app/download/726489204/article,+Conquer+Team+Dysfunction,+Lencoini.pdf 

4. Quantitative research: Definition, methods, types, and examples. (n.d.). QuestionPro. https://www.questionpro.com/blog/quantitative-research/ 


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