[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Company Disclosed Sufficient Information

Companies often invest in debt or equity securities of other companies. How those investments are accounted for depends on the type of security, the purpose for which the investment is made, and management’s intent regarding the investment. Select a public company not already chosen by one of your classmates and review its most recent Form 10-K to determine the nature and classification of its short-term and long-term investments. (If possible, use the same company you used for DQ1.) Include the name of the company in your subject line, and do not choose a company about which one of your classmates has already posted. Summarize the categories and dollar amounts of investments as well as the types of investments (debt or equity) reported by your chosen company for the two years reported on the Form 10-K. Using the financial statements and the notes to those statements, assess whether the company disclosed sufficient information to demonstrate their compliance with GAAP in accounting for the investments. Be sure to include authoritative references to support your conclusion.


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