[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] Blindfold Immediately Upon Awakening

 Spend at least ½ an hour “observing” without using your eyes — rely on hearing, smell, touch (if appropriate). During this time, try to do several different things (e.g., in the past a student had a friend take her to a store where she selected and purchased something — all while not using her vision; another student put on a blindfold immediately upon awakening then went through his morning routine). 3. In your discussion you will first summarize IN YOUR OWN WORDS some of the information you found in your research (perhaps focus on something interesting or surprising) – remember to cite your source OR provide a direct link to the website. Then, you will discuss what you were able to notice during your “observation time” without sight. Don’t forget to address each of the other senses you were using. Were there any surprises? How was it trying to figure out what was going on without vision? What information did you pick up on that you may have ignored if you were using your eyes? Be sure to incorporate specific terms or concepts from the chapter into your discussion. 4. Have your views about blindness changed now that you have read about blindness and gone for a period of time without using your sight?


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