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Locate a book, movie, television, or streaming series that portrays a character with a personality disorder or childhood disorder (e.g., characters from the movies: Mean Girls, Girl Interrupted, Conspiracy Theory or TV/streaming shows: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Good Doctor, Atypical, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).

In 1,200-1,500 words, address the following:

  1. Manifestations of pathological behavior for the character.
  2. Possible diagnosis for the character with justification (use current DSM diagnostic and ICD codes).
  3. Psychological model (i.e., biological, cognitive) best explains the cause of the symptoms/behaviors. Based on this model, discuss a possible treatment plan, including ways the character can modify their behaviors to cope.

Use the school Library databases and include two to four scholarly sources from the school library to support claims. In addition to using scholarly resources from the library, it is acceptable to use classroom resources (current and past topics), the textbook, and credible internet-based sources (.org, .edu, .mil, .gov).


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