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EDUC 880 

Prospectus: Part 2 – Introduction Assignment Instructions


This assignment is linked to the development of your capstone project.


The candidate will submit a well-developed draft of the Introduction section, expanding upon the previous Part 1 submission, now including the significance of the problem, purpose statement, central research question, and definitions, and a reference page. The submission must follow the requirements described in detail within the course textbook, and especially the section checklists. The Applied Research Report Example chapter is extremely useful and can be found in the course textbook.  Do not remove any of the sections developed in the Prospectus: Part 1 assignment. The Prospectus: Part 2 – Introduction draft will add a minimum of 2 full pages to the existing text, excluding the title and reference pages and Part 1 pages. The submission must include at least 4 additional unique sources/citations, which are also properly listed on a reference page at the end of the submission (total of 8 sources minimum), using proper APA format.

Read: Claxton & Michael: Chapter 4


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