[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] 5Am Mar 27Speech Write


You will create a TED like talk, including visual aids, that you will present to the class. The talks should be between 7-10 minutes long and can be on any topic you like as long as it is appropriate (if unsure, ask the professor before). 


  • 7-10 minute presentation in front of the class on Mar 27
  • Visual Aids (in the form of PowerPoint or other) that must be submitted by 5am Mar 27
  • Speech Write Up (as you should NOT be reading directly off of your slides) with a detailed roadmap and your sources in an APA Bibliography which must be submitted as a separate .pdf document by 5am March 27, 2022

Grading: /40 marks, 30% of your final grade

  • Introduction (with hook)   /5
  • Body (logic, flow, cohesion)   /5
  • Conclusion (strong finish, ending message)   /5
  • Public Speaking Skills (body language, engagement)   /5
  • Connection to Visual Aids (but not over use)   /5
  • Visual Aids (well constructed and useful)   /5
  • Speech Write-Up (Roadmap and sources)    /10

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