[Unique Solution From 10/Pg] 000 Words + 10

• The piece must be targeted at an established print or online publication, either consumer, or B2B and must be 1,000 words (+/- 10%).

• In your final portfolio you need to provide an example of a one to one feature slot in your chosen publication where your article could be pitched. This is not included in the word count.

• We do not expect you to interview a famous or hard-to-contact person, although if you are able, then please go ahead. Instead find someone with an interesting story/life/activity that would be suitable for your feature slot. In the examples on Moodle there is a craftsperson, a designer, a hill walker, a herbalist. Have a look at the example from a student from last year, this was a non-religious funeral celebrant, but made a lovely interview.

• The piece MUST BE running narrative and in the third person, not a Q and A style

• You MUST meet your interviewee either face to face, observing social distancing, OR by video link. Please don’t rely on phone or email for this assignment; allocate at least an hour and a half for the interview with the possibility of returning for a further catch up on extra questions over the phone once you have drafted the structure of the narrative. You MUST provide an email or telephone contact details for your subject. This is standard practice and helps the pictures desk arrange photography.


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