TOPIC: Accountability Failure/Problems in the Public/NFP Sector

An Australian public sector agency/department or not-for-profit (NFP) scandal and describe how this scandal occurred and why accountability measures within the public sector/NFP failed to stop this scandal from occurring.

Scandal is about Reserve Bank of Australia.

I. Describe the agency/department/NFP involved in the scandal.

II. Describe the background of the scandal (brief only as only minimal marks will be allocated for this portion).

III. What theory best supports the accountability measures in place for this agency/department/NFP?

(Agency Theory/ Political Economic Theory/ Legitimacy Theory/ Stakeholder Theory/ Institutional Theory/ Social Capital Theory)

IV. What does the annual report tell us about the accountability and performance of the agency/department/NFP?

V. What lessons can be learned from this scandal?

1000 words


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