This is an Example 11.5 from the Microelectronic Circuits Book by Sedra and Smith 7th edition.

I’m preparing for a test and would like to know how to find
1)Input Resistance R(in) 2) Output Voltage, Vo
I just would like to n ow how to find them to prepare better for my test in 4 hours Example 11.5 As another example of a series-shunt feedback amplifier, consider the circuit shown in Fig. 11.8(b), which we analyzed in Example 11.2 by determining the loop gain AB. In this example we wish to first analyze the circuit using our systematic procedure and then compare the results to those obtained in Example 11.2. For convenience, the circuit is repeated in Fig. 11.16(a). It is required to obtain the voltage gain vJv, input resistance R, and output resistance R. Find numerical values for the case g. g 4mA/V. Rp Ro-10 k2, R, and R,-9 k2. For simplicity, neglect r, of each of and 0 D2 Rpi 0 2i R2 D2 DI 02 01 Figure 11.16 (a) Series-shunt feedback amplifier for Example 11.5; (b) the A circuit; (c) the β circuit.


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