. TCO 7 – A(n) ____ must be assigned one of three available modes: IN, OUT, IN OUT. (Points : 4)        function
       procedure Question 2.2. TCO 7 – ____ can accept and return none, one, or many parameters. (Points : 4)        Triggers
       Programs Question 3.3. TCO 7 – Which of the following no longer exists after being executed? (Points : 4)        Program units
       Exception handlers
       Anonymous blocks
       Parameters Question 4.4. TCO 8 – To create a data source name, ____ is the one that you do NOT need to provide. (Points : 4)        An ODBC driver
       SQL connectivity
       A DSN name
       ODBC driver parameters Question 5.5. TCO 8 – ____ is an OO programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that runs on top of the Web browser software. (Points : 4)        Visual Basic
       VBScript Question 6.6. TCO 8 – Client-side extensions are available in various forms, such as ____. (Points : 4)        COBOL
       Java and JavaScript
       Visual Basic .NET
       Visor.Net Question 7.7. TCO 9 – ODBC works on the ____ operating system. (Points : 4)        mainframe
       Linux Question 8.8. TCO 9 – Which of the following is a feature of a Web application server? (Points : 4)        It is Microsoft’s implementation of a superset of the SQL Access Group CLI standard for database access.
       It is automatically invoked by the browser when needed.
       It runs on the client machine, freeing server resources.
       It provides an integrated development environment with session management and support for persistent application variables. Question 9.9. TCO 9 – Which one is not the basic ODBC architecture main components? (Points : 4)        A high-level ODBC API through which application programs access ODBC functionality
       A driver manager that is in charge of managing all database connections
       Service providers provide additional functionality to consumers.
       An ODBC driver that communicates directly to the DBMS Question 10.10. TCO 3 – Prior to Oracle version 8 the ____________ file had to be updated to add the UTL_FILE_DIR parameter. (Points : 4)        catproc.sql
       init.ora Question 11.11. TCO 3 – The FOPEN function must be passed which three parameters when it is called (be careful of order). (Points : 4)        open mode, file location, file name
       file location, file type, open mode
       file location, file name, open mode
       file type, file location, open mode Question 12.12. TCO 3 – A file opened using the UTL_FILE.FOPEN with an invalid open mode with raise the _______ exception. (Points : 4)        INVALID_OPTION


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