Question 3 3 pts Focus on Op-amp U1 (Both op-amps have to be completely connected as shown in Figure A) Use myDAQ's oscilloscope to capture the input waveform Vin (on Channel 0) and the intermediate output waveform Vout1 (on Channel 1) superimposed. Set the amplitude scale for both channels of the oscilloscope to 500 mV/Div Set the time scale of the oscilloscope to 200 us/Div 1. Take a screenshot of the oscilloscope (both waveform in the same picture) and embed the screenshot as the answer for this question. 2. Report the value of Vin(p-p) and Vout1(0-p) observed from the oscilloscope. 3 Calculate the experimemtal Gain1 =? HTML Editor I E xx BIUA A V G TT 12pt Paragraph Use the circuit diagram as shown in Figure A below to conduct the experiment and answer the questions 1 to 6. VCC vCc 15V 15V 1 5 U2 U 1 6 Vout2 741 + R3 Vout 6 741 R1 1.0k 2.2kQ VEE VEE -15V Vin 0.75 V(p-p) @2 kHz 15V R2 R4 10k 4.7kΩ Figure A


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