Please read the following instructions carefully before attemptingQuiz No.1• All instructions will be considered during checking assignment. So, consider all these.• This quiz consists of 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) carrying 1 mark each.• Due date for submission of QUIZ is 9 April 2016• Read questions carefully and select the most appropriate answer for each MCQ.• Avoid selecting two choices for one MCQ. The double options will be marked zero.• You must attempt the quiz in the following shape/form; otherwise it will be marked zero.Q no. Selected Option1 a2 c• You are required to attempt the quiz as word document. The quizzes attempted in any other format (except MS Word) will not be accepted and will be marked zero.• Make sure that you upload the solution before due date. No solution will be accepted through E-mail after the due date.• Cheating or copying of solution is strictly prohibited; No credit will be given tocopied material.Customer Relationship Management (MKT610)Make an appropriate choice 20 Marks1. Which of the following tool provides the company with business-related information like industry trends and competitor information?a) Business Automation (BA)b) Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA)c) Customer Service and Support (CSS)d) Sales Force Automation (SFA)2. A security measure to stop unauthorized access to documents is:a) Backup/restoreb) Physical access restrictionsc) Network access controld) None of the given options3. The centralized storage (in a data warehouse) of all information relevant to customer interaction is BEST described by which of the following concepts?a) Collaborative CRMb) Scalabilityc) Data based) Workflow4. With respect to customer satisfaction, which of the following is referred as the key to success?a) Preferenceb) Up-to-date Supplyc) Courtesyd) Enthusiasm5. Product-related ethical issues can arise when marketers:a) Do not provide consumers with enough information about product transportation.b) Fail to disclose information to consumers about the risks associated with using aproduct.c) Force intermediaries to behave in a specific manner.d) Do not provide consumers with enough information about how a product is priced.6. A _____ is an organized collection of comprehensive information about individualcustomers or prospects.a) Business databaseb) Customer mailing listc) Customer databased) Marketing database7. Companies can gain a strong competitive advantage through having better-trainedpeople. This is known as:a) Personnel differentiationb) Product differentiationc) Personnel trainingd) Human resources parity8. In service marketing, the most important link to the customer is known as:a) The tangible aspects of the serviceb) Well-trained contact employeesc) Good word-of-mouth communicationd) Effective advertising9. Which of the following is a technique that might be used by an active listener?a) Offer a point of view often when in conversationb) Paraphrase the speaker’s meaningc) Express concernd) Explain the speaker’s meaning10. Which of the following are the two skills associated with being a good listener?a) To pay attention and to provide a strong point of view in response to a given messageb) To pay attention and to provide feedbackc) To pay attention and to mask your disinterest when necessaryd) To listen to more than one message at a time and to provide constructive criticism11. Which of the following is NOT part of an organization’s micro-environment?a) Competitorsb) Suppliersc) Customersd) Government legislation12. Which of the following are the means by which long-term objectives will beachieved?a) Long-term goalsb) Mission statementsc) Strategiesd) Vision statements13. Karen’s company just finished meeting with the consultants who delivered a 4-yearplan of improvements. Which part of the strategic landscape is described?a) Strategy initiationb) Strategy formulationc) Strategy implementationd) Strategy assessment14. It is a job for the whole management team, not a few senior managers, because everymanager needs to be concerned with what has to be done in his/her area of authority toimplement the company’s strategy successfully refers to as:a) Implementing and executing strategyb) Formulating and implementing strategyc) Formulating and executing strategyd) Statement is wrong15. Which one of the following is NOT a good indicator of how well a company’s presentstrategy is working?a) The company’s market share ranking and whether its share is trending up, down, orstaying more or less the sameb) Whether the company is regarded as a leader in some significant area (technology,product quality, customer service, product innovation and so on) and the firm’s imageand reputation with customersc) Whether the company’s profit margins are increasing or decreasing and how largethey are relative to other firms in the industryd) Whether the company’s resource strengths and competitive capabilities outweigh itsresource weaknesses and competitive vulnerabilities16. Which of the following refers to companies often failure to predict changes, eitherslow or long range to at least calculate their impact on their product and customers?a) Inability to predict environmental reactionb) Failure to coordinatec) Poor communicationsd) Failure to obtain senior management commitment17. Immediate attention and help must be given to customers in sensitive to situations. Thisskill refers to which of the followings?a) Skill to listenb) Skill to speed up responsec) Skill to provide positive experienced) Skill to be receptive18. Branding assists buyers in numerous ways. Which of the following is NOT a directconsumer benefit derived from branding?a) Brand names convey product qualityb) Branding enables suppliers to attract loyal and profitable set of customersc) Brand names raise awareness and increase consumer interestd) Brand names increase shopper efficiency19. Consumer’s perception of product or service quality is influenced by which of thefollowing category?a) Brand perception, price perception, and value perceptionb) Brand name, objective price, and perceived sacrificec) Brand perception, price perception, and store perceptiond) Brand name, objective price, and willingness to buy20. A brand relationship strategy is used for which of the following purpose?a) Focuses on profitsb) Identifies building market share as its objectivec) Pulls a firm’s diverse product lines into a “family of brandsâ€d) Brings brands and customers together


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