part# 1(Evaluating and Grading) :Do you think it is true that a report card grade is more valid if it is based on both achievement and effort, than if it is based on achievement alone, and why?When a student is failing, what do you think is the best course of action? How much responsibility falls on the teacher? How much falls on the student or the parents? Why?If you knew that some of your students deserved an F as there letter grade and your administrator told you to modify the points in order to pass the student, what would you do? Why?

Part # 2 (Standardized Testing):Is there a relationship between standardized testing and meaningful learning? Does standardized testing correlate well with concept-based and/or 21st century teaching and learning? Explain.Discuss the following statement and share your reflections that also include your answer. "Why do we differentiate instructions, but standardize our tests?" Dr. Adelson.

Part # 3 (Interpreting Norm-Referenced Scores & Finding and Evaluating Published Assessments) :What if you (as a teacher) have parents angry because they could not understand their child's test results? Discuss the best options to calm these parentsHow would you help the parents understand the complex assessment results? Discuss the best options to help these parents.Discuss about whether just showing them the results and tell them where their children are is a good strategy. Why or why not?


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